Episode 24 – Let’s Talk About Our Genitals.👩🏻‍💻👩🏾‍🔧 (Embarrassing Q&A)

Don’t let the initial audio scare you! The white noise is gone 5 minutes in 👩🏾‍🔧. This episode we tried to live stream and it was pure madness📹. So this is a highly edited, chaotic cut reel.😬 We shoot the shit about fashion masks😷, having kids🍼, travel on trains🚉, fucking cartoons🦹🏼‍♂️, Wait!? What?!… then spend an hour answering embarrassing questions about cheating, partner numbers, losing your virginity sending nudes… if the internet asked, we answered!

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Video on YouTube.

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