Welcome to the home of Trash Talking!

The Trash Talking Podcast is a comedy podcast from two best friends and goofballs named Lynxi and Danielle featuring freewheeling, ridiculous conversations about anything and everything.

Looking for good podcasts, comedy-style? If you love structure, routine and decorum, this podcast is definitely not the comedy podcast for you. Oh, and there’s lots of cussing, so it’s not for kids either. If your kids find it and listen, that’s not our fault or problem.

Each week, this women comedy podcast team shares topics that really grind their gears. While the aim is to flesh out all the ways in which the garbage behaviors of people contribute to the matter at hand, Lynxi and Danielle don’t even try to stay on topic, but since free comedy podcasts are free, who cares!

Why are you even reading this. People who download comedy podcasts like to live, listen and laugh, not read!

Got any ideas for topics? Wanna yell at us?
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