Episode 33 – ⚔️🐛The Last WeEvil ⚔️🐛

We're talking soju 🍾, Pepero day 💕(11:11 manifest / stay toxic kings☣️), lil bishes🦠, going back to sleep after a tough four years of wokedom 😴, the Doomsday clock🕰☠️, daddy culture👱‍♂️, the power of bread 🥖🍞🥯(carbs not money), the power of vegetable farts🥦💨, the rise of 🍑Big Booty Jjigae🍑, & return of 🍑Big Booty Marketing🍑, … Continue reading Episode 33 – ⚔️🐛The Last WeEvil ⚔️🐛