About Us!

We are two 30-something women who are best friends and now living on opposite coasts. We created this podcast to stay in touch, and also because we’re ridiculous and we like talking to each other and the universe wants us to harness our collective garbage energy and broadcast our authentically trashy selves to the world!

I’m Danielle and I live in upstate/western New York on the GOOD COAST, the EAST COAST. I’m a Chicago Cubs fan, though not as rabid as in the past, and I love relief pitchers (one in particular), putting ketchup on my hot dogs, and talking about, thinking about, sitting with, petting, and loving CATS!!! Oh I’m also a brown belt in hapkido and I like to do hip throws. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’ll advise against it, but you can do so @dhsauno. I also love Letterkenny and run @ncletterkenny on Twitter and on Instagram.

Listen to Danielle guest on That Baseball Show. You can also read her writing at dsauerswrites.

Lynxi will write her about me and add it here soon!